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Call 1580 444 580 for your psychic reading. In the menu, enter 2, and when prompted, the pin number for your chosen reader. Readers' pin numbers are found right under their photo. Calls cost €2.44 per minute
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We have divided our psychics according to their gifts to help you choose more easily

Whether you're looking for guidance with a problem or inspiration for the future, we want to make sure you are connected with the perfect fortune teller, psychic or clairvoyant for you. Click on your chosen category and you will be offered a choice of caring, empathetic readers who possess that ability, from fortune telling to clairvoyant and from angel readings to tarot readings. If you're not sure which online fortune teller is right for you, simply choose "ALL READERS".

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Our psychics possess a variety of gifts, allowing you to choose psychic readings from the one...

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Angel card readings

When you get an angel card reading, the fortune teller asks the Angels to help you look into the...

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The word Astrology originated from Greek; astron meaning star and logos meaning “the learning...
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A clairvoyant person has the ability to look into the past, present and future and see in...
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Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation has had important meaning through out history. For example in the ancient...

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Fortune teller

A fortune teller or a psychic is someone who interprets the signs of your past or your future by...

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Past lives
The idea that our spirit or soul gets born again goes back a long time. At least 3000 years, and...
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Psychic readings

When calling our fortune tellers, clairvoyant or psychic readers, you should always feel...

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Spiritual healing
A healer can create balance in an unbalanced body and soul. Someone who has the ability to heal...
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Tarot reading

Many fortune tellers use tarot cards in their fortune telling. This is an old tradition that has...

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