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What's the difference between a psychic and a fortune teller? And how is an angel reading different to a tarot reading? Here, we explain it all!

Angel readings

Angel cards exude positive energy. Angel cards may resemble Goddess cards, but there are differences. The Angel cards show different angels and their messages, whilst Goddess cards show different Gods and their messages. Fortune telling with Angel cards means that you ask the angels to help you see into the past, present and future, and to receive advice and guidance. On each card there is a message that can be used as an affirmation or a thought for the one who gets his psychic reading. Our psychic guides have a lot of knowledge about the different cards and their messages.

Angel whispers

When a medium or a psychic receives messages from angels, its called angel whispers. Angels can also convey energies, comfort, help and courage. Angel whispers can also be considered a sort of channelling that happens in fortune telling. The different angels have different strengths, so different angels will therefore convey different messages and information.

Animal communication

Animal communication is when a psychic or clairvoyant person channels or telepathically gets in contact with animals. We have psychics skilled in talking to animals.


Astrology is an ancient discipline. The word is originally Greek – astron means star and logos “the learning of”. In astrology you look at a person’s time of birth. The starsign that a person is born under, and the house the moon, the ascendant, medium coeli, Jupiter, Saturn, mars, venus, mercury and the sun is in, is being looked at by the astrologist. Even angles of the different celestial bodies are investigated by the astrologist. Astrology is often used to find the most ideal times for different activities. Our astrologists can help you if you want fortune telling or if you want to know more about your starsign.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a form of channeling. The psychic or clairvoyant person that does the automatic writing receives messages form the spirit realm. The psychic conveys the spirit’s message to the person who is getting psychic readings, by letting the spirit “go into” the body and then writing it down with pen and paper.


In the art of divining the cards, Tarot cards are the most common form of cards used in divination. Many fortune tellers prefer, however, to tell the fortune with the help of regular cards. There are various ways one can use cards for fortune telling. One of the most common methods to lay out so-called stars, such as the Celtic cross.


Many people think that only mediums can channel. But seers or psychics can also use channelling as a tool. When a psychic or a medium performs channelling, it means that they use themselves to receive messages from another dimension, from the spirit world. Messages are sent by angels and other helpers. When a medium channels, they primarily receive messages from souls and people who have passed away. You may also find that messages can come from places that you might not have expected.


The term Clairvoyant comes from the French clair (clear). Internationally, the term Clairvoyant is used for different paranormal abilities. A clairvoyant has the ability to see in pictures what has happened and what is going to happen. Being psychic is probably an innate ability, although some psychics only get in touch with his or her abilities later in life. When a clairvoyant enters a state of expanded consciousness, they often feel that space and time ceases to exist.


Crystals are tools that fortune tellers may use to tell fortunes. Crystals may also be used for healing, protection, to help in a certain situation or for other spiritual reasons. Crystals are quite amazing and they have been used for generations. When you speak with a fortune teller who works with crystals you can get help with a particular situation, but you may also experience feeling happier, getting better sleep, more energy or become more loving.

Dream interpretation

Fortune telling with the help of dreams is not uncommon. Dream interpretation is when a clairvoyant or psychic analyse the meaning of dreams. Dreams can be an important tool when it comes to fortune telling. The symbolic language in dreams can reveal to the clairvoyant what has happened and what might happen. On our lines you can get help with interpreting your dreams.

Fortune teller

A fortune teller is a person who works with tools to interpret the signs of what has happened or will happen in a person’s life. Fortune tellers often look into both past, present and future. To get your fortune told by a fortune teller in general means that you ask questions about your future. Through his/her tools the fortune teller will give you answers. Examples of tools are tarot cards, angel cards, regular cards, pendulums, tea leaves and crystals.


A healer has the ability to create balance in an unbalanced body and soul. Healing is often used together with fortune telling to achieve harmony, increased relaxation, or to gain more energy. There are different types of healing. Distance healing is when healing happens from far away, such as over the phone.

House cleansing

Spirits can haunt buildings, homes and other places. This often comes across as unnatural sound, objects that have been moved, puffs of wind (although all windows and doors are closed), unexplained shadows and more. Spirits may need to make others aware of their presence. It is believed that the spirits are here because they have some unsolved business on earth. A clairvoyant or psychic practices house cleansing to remove the turmoil that exists in these haunted places and they often use various rituals. You can often feel a “calm” where house cleansing has been performed.


Incantations are a sort of call or command to the energies to achieve something specific. Incantations are used within Shamanism. Incantations help those who choose to get a psychic reading, by turning to - and evoking - different types of energies of the different elements: water, air, fire and earth. An incantation can also be directed at gods, goddesses or other helpers. If there is anything specific you want to achieve in your life, our psychics can call on the right energies for you.


A seer or psychic sometimes works partly by intuition. Intuition is a gut feeling or empathic ability to be able to completely put themselves into another's situation and understand how a certain situation will develop. A clairvoyant, psychic or any other extremely intuitive person gets a sense of how something is and act accordingly. Intuition is all about being in touch with their inner self. There are also fortune tellers that work solely with their strong intuition. We have fortune tellers with strong intuition who can sense how a problem or a situation might evolve, and what you must do to shape your life the way YOU want it to be.

Lost items

We have several clairvoyants and psychics who are specialized in helping you find lost objects or animals that are lost.


A medium contacts people and animals who have gone over to the other side. A medium acts as a channel in both directions; mediums can convey messages to and from the one having his fortune told.


A pendulum is a unique tool that is often used for divination to receive direct answers about the past or future. The pendulum is an object, often a crystal, that hangs by a thread. A proper pendulum should be made of natural materials such as crystals, bone, wood or metal. When using the pendulum for divination, the fortune teller will ask yes / no questions to the pendulum and the pendulum will answer yes or no depending on which direction the pendulum is moving in. Many consider the pendulum as an extension of intuition. According to this theory, the pendulum clarifies what the fortune tellers intuition already knows.

Psychic readings

Remember, when you call our psychics, fortune tellers or clairvoyant, you never need to feel like your question is stupid. You are most likely not the first with this very question. Never be afraid to ask all the questions that you need answers to. Life has an ability to turn somersaults, and it can be rewarding to speak with one of our psychics or fortune tellers to get an understanding of what happens, what has happened, and what that is about to happen in the future.


Reiki originated in Japan and is based on the thought that all people have an energy one might call a life force. If this energy is low, we are more susceptible to stress and disease. If this energy is high, we are more able to be healthy and happy. Reiki is a form of healing but it is also a deeply relaxing method of increasing self-awareness and reducing stress. Reiki can work at different levels, also on a spiritual and mental level.


Runes are a set of characters that first originated about 2,000 years ago. In addition to the runes that were used for typing, the runes have also been used for divination and incantations. Runes, symbols carved in stone or wood, is an important tool in divination. Runes are often worn as talismans. Each rune is connected to one of the gods in the Nordic mythology. This was the reason one often carved runes on vehicles for example to bring luck. If you want to get your fortune told with runes, the advantage is that the runes will give you correct and simple answers. With runes, a fortune teller can also see the underlying factors in a situation and gain knowledge about what choices you can and should make.


The word shaman originated from the language Evenki (from Siberia) and means "the one who knows". Shamans work with the mysteries of nature and assume that nature has a soul. Shamans are guided by nature’s spirits and they often come across as as a “power animal”. With the help of these power animals, drums and singing, a shaman can put himself into a trance and move himself, and sometimes other people, to the spirit world. In the spirit world you get messages about the real cause of events and you may thereby affect the real course of events. Shamans have many similarities with witches, especially when it comes to the major focus on nature and magical rituals.


Spiritual people are said to be in contact with the universe. A spiritual man is intuitive and in close contact with his spiritual self. The concept of spirituality often expresses the spiritual life in more concrete forms. A psychic as well as a fortune teller, clairvoyant or a medium may be a spiritual person.


Tarot originated from Italy and has existed as a divination tool for more than 300 years. Today it is very popular to use the tarot in fortune telling. A typical tarot deck consists of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, a total of 78 cards. When a fortune teller gives you a psychic reading using tarot, she will be able to answer questions in regards to past, present and future.

White magic

Traditionally white magic means that people who have magical abilities can affect the physical world. This is achieved through contact with supernatural powers to influence something good and positive. According to modern magicians this is more about how one with the "power of thought" can achieve positive goals. Our Psychics with experience in white magic can help you achieve positive goals and the changes you need in your life.


A witch is a person who uses a variety of skills, tools and recipes to help others. A witch’s philosophy can often be said to be "do whatever you want as long as you do not hurt anyone." Some witches are followers of the religion of Wicca, which can be regarded as a kind of nature worship. Modern witches who practice Wicca have a strong focus on nature and to cherish all life. Our talented witches are ready to tell your fortune and to help you.

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