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A Magical Healing Soup

A Magical Healing Soup

Magic can’t solve all problems but it can help. Here’s a recipe you can use when someone in your family is feeling ill or having the flue.

As a witch, psychic, seer and a medium, I perform magic rituals when needed. Such an occasion could be when someone is coming down with a cold for example. For that occasion, I usually make a special soup. We are not doctors on this online tarot reading hotline but this can make you feel better just like any other household remedy. A divination from a psychic can give you spiritual guidance but it can’t cure you from your illnesses.

If you or anyone else in your family is feeling ill you should get three green onions, one red onion, three bay leaves, a clove of garlic and salt. Fill up a pot with spring water or bottled water and let it begin to boil. While the water is getting ready you chop up the garlic and the onions.

Pour the salt into the boiling water while saying these words, ”with this salt, sickness and illness I will halt”.

While adding the chopped onions you say the following words, ”activate the atmosphere send sickness far from here”.

Feel the increase of the fragrances and add the garlic with these words,”garlic going in the pot for those who became sick now will not”.

Smell the soup and feel the force growing. Add the bay leaves with these words “bay leaves used here today will keep the sickness away”.

Let the soup boil for 3 minutes and let the one who is sick breathe in the fragrances and the fumes from the soup. Put the soup aside and let it cool down without a lid. When the soup is cold enough filter and store it in a can. Use 1,5 dl of the soup in the sick person’s bath water. You can also use it to wash your body when showering. Add three drops of the soup in a glas of water and let the sick person drink it, take the leftovers and scatter it over your garden to speed up the recovery.

Spiritual guidance can’t heal sickness but it can help make you feel better. Since we are not doctors here at the tarot reading hotline I recommend a visit to the doctor if you’re really sick. This is just a way for me as a psychic to feel better when I have a cold. This specific recipe is more about energies than it is about soup. My future as a psychic, seer, medium and a witch depend on the power of the energies. On this online tarot reading hotline I can give you a tarot reading and spiritual guidance but I also know when to see a doctor instead. During a tarot reading online I will tell you that as well. My tarot readings will give me the information I need.

Author: F. Stewart


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