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Are all Sects brainwashing?

Are all Sects brainwashing?

My big idol is John Travolta. Since I was six years old my room has been decorated with pictures of this Grease legend. This is why I love him so much.

John is one of the few Hollywood stars that has been married to the same woman his entire life and despite my lack of one on one time with John I believe that he’s a caring human being and a good role model. John is a member of the Church of Scientology which I sometimes find remarkable since I have a theory that “smart” people don’t join sects, because “smart” people can’t be brainwashed. Whether my theory holds up or not is the topic of discussion in this article.

The general perception about people in sects is that they are brainwashed. Normal people can’t really understand how members of a sect can be so easily manipulated. This raises an interesting question. How do you define brainwashed? You probably at some point described someone as completely “close minded”. Would you be able to describe that someone as brainwashed? According to the dictionary the definition of brainwashed is someone who had their thoughts or opinions replaced by new values and ways of thinking. For example a former Republican turning Democrat. Therefore depending on how you look at it, the chances we at some point in our lives are going to be brainwashed is pretty big.

A common denominator in all sects is manipulation. Former sect members state that you never choose to join a sect; you are tempted and lured into a sect. That usually occurs when you’re vulnerable and grasping for straws.

Sects use several differentstrategies to keep their members:

• Requirements that is impossible for the individual to achieve in order to create guilt.

• The leaders of a sect often point out that you’re a part of a chosen few, which is meant to give you performance anxiety but also a sense of being smarter than people not in the sect.

• You learn new words to create a sense of unity and a shield against people on the outside that no longer understand you.

You constantly get reminded that you started a new life the day you became a member of the sect. This will make it harder to break the ties with the sect as times go by. Take a criminal for example. A person that lived a life of crime just doesn’t become a law abiding citizen just because they start to realize that they are making bad choices. When your whole identity are built around being a criminal you have to create a new identity in order break free and move on with your life.

So is my john Travolta brainwashed? No. You don’t have to be less intelligent and a social misfit just because you follow a religion. Getting energy and strength from religion isn’t wrong as long as you understand that people draw energy from different sources. According to the dictionary the Church of Scientology is not a sect and I as a psychic have a great deal of respect for their way of thinking. As many other scientologists I too object to the structure of the Church of Scientology, as it is my firm belief that getting informed about different ways of thinking and current world issues shouldn’t cost money. Making the public aware and getting the information out about non-science as psychic reading and fortune telling is important so the individual can decide what’s best for themselves without the interference from religious leaders, doctors or politicians. In that way you can avoid getting brainwashed by society.

The most important lesson us psychics want you to get is that you know yourself best and only you know what makes you happy and calm. You should learn to question the information you are being fed and make a difference between non-science as psychic reading and religion and science like physics and chemistry.

Here at the online tarot reading hotline we have a great interest in spirituality and religion. We all come from different backgrounds with different beliefs. Some of us are religious and some are agnostic but our common denominator is that we all believe in the good of man. We believe that love is the strongest force and should be the purpose of one’s life. If you have any questions about scientology, psychic readings, tarot reading or anything please feel free to call us psychics at any time. The online tarot reading hotline is open 24/7 and there are always a psychic available for you. At we offer you psychic guidance, psychic advice and tarot readings.

As a practicing psychic and spiritual medium I have a great interest in spirituality and spiritual ways of thinking. After years of studying I’m starting to see myself as a practitioner of phenomenology, which means I have a great belief in the individual. It’s my firm belief that every individual should choose their own path instead of taking too much advice from parents, friends, doctors, bosses or whoever thinks they know what’s best for you. If you have any questions about phenomenology, scientology, love or money please contact me at

The psychics at the online tarot reading hotline all have different training and this gives us the possibility to give you expert advice in lots of different areas. At we are all curious by nature and wise and we rejoice by helping people to a better self-awareness and a happier life. All we psychics at wish you a lovely day.

Author: T. Rieser


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