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Choosing Your Magic Name

Choosing Your Magic Name

Anyone working as a fortune teller, psychic, clairvoyant or psychic medium usually doesn't use their birth name. How do you choose a magic name?

I've been searching for my spiritual or magic name for years, I was looking for a name that would fit me whether I was doing an online tarot reading, online angel reading, psychic reading or working with white magic. But a name like that doesn't come to you overnight – you have to search for it. A lot of psychics and mediums chose a name that is traditionally associated with magic (Beowolf) and stories about witches, earth (Willow), an animal (Cat) or elements (Water Soul). Other psychics have their name come to them in a dream, during a meditation session or while they are studying the spiritual world. Others get their name from tarot readings or it's given to them by an online fortune teller or clairvoyant. If you ask a fortune teller to tell you your magic name he or she might look to their angel or tarot cards for help or look into his or her crystal ball. How a psychic gives you your magic name all depends on what kind of connection they have with the spiritual world.

In my own case, I studied the ancient gods of various mythologies very carefully before I reached the conclusion that I'm very fond of Roman and Greek gods. As I am both a witch and psychic I needed a name that was related both to the Roman gods and to space and the universe.

During my studies in Roman mythology, I came across the name Diana. I took out my cards and gave myself a tarot reading and asked my spiritual guides what they thought the name Diana was the right name for me – and they said yes. I shuffled the cards thoroughly before asking advice for the second part of my magic name.

I'm a fortune teller and clairvoyant with a very strong intuition and I felt this was the right thing to do. I spread the cards in the shape of a fan and used my left hand to pick a card – the card I was guided by my spiritual guides to pick was 'Moon”. First I began to analyze the card but then I quickly realized that I could use the word Moon in my name. And there it was, my magic name; Diana Moon.

It's hard to describe how happy and at ease I felt when I said the name out loud. Diana is a moon goddess and I am very fascinated with the moon and its various phases. My name came to me through study of the gods, a tarot reading and my intuition.

When you search for your magic name, whether you are a fortune teller or not, then make sure you pay attention to subtle or big signs around you. Learn to see with more than just your eyes. If you find it difficult to notice signs around you then get in touch with a clairvoyant, psychic medium or fortune teller, he/she will be able to guide you towards your magic name. One thing is certain, when you find your name you will know it.

Good luck.

Author: A. Graham


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