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Cloning Human Beings – Is It Possible?
Cloning Human Beings – Is It Possible?

Cloning Human Beings – Is It Possible?

Biotechnology is like the internet, it's here to stay. Thanks to the wide range of use and possibilities a lot of scientists are interested in biotechnology.

Curing cancer, Alzheimer’s and MS is something biotechnology can make possible. But there’s a difference of opinion when it comes to stem cell research, should it be legal or not? Embryos consist of cells that could become fetuses through fertilization, therefore some people don’t think it’s morally right to use embryos. Other people consider embryos as just lumps of cells which can’t be compared to living humans and therefore can’t have the same rights.

President Bush is a well known adversary to stem cell research and during his presidency he spoke out against stem cell research. His point was that stem cell research was unethical because no life should be used or taken to save another life.

Former right wing politician Per Landgren is another adversary to stem cell research. According to him chances are that the corporate world will turn to the third world and use the women there to get embryos. Because in the third world you have a lot of people living in poverty and corrupt governments, making it easier to create and exploit a market.

An argument against the view of Per Landgren is that stem cell research could eradicate the organ trade that is happening now in the third world. In the future stem cell research could make it possible to harvest organs in a laboratory making it a lot cheaper than buying an organ from a poor donor.

Right now cloning is a word that brings your mind to science fiction rather than reality. The technology to clone a human being already exists, but morally we can’t allow that. In some countries though, you can remove cells that could cause diseases. By removing the core of a cell from an unidentified embryo cell and transfer it to a female egg cell you can extinguish the risk of having a baby with epilepsy or blindness for example. That type of IVF (in vitro fertilization) certainly raises some questions. What kind of diseases, attributes and traits should you be allowed to remove or change. Should we for example allow a mother that always dreamt of becoming a model make her daughter taller?

If you’re interested in biotechnology and what it can bring us in the future, you can call the psychics at this tarot reading hotline. Psychics are naturally interested in what today is described as supernatural but tomorrow will be reality.

A lot of seers and psychics at have a great interest in biotechnology because it can explain the supernatural abilities we possess. The psychics at this tarot reading hotline are well informed about the moral issues concerning cloning and embryo research since we face those questions on a daily basis in our profession.

At we offer spiritual guidance, spiritual advice and tarot readings. You have to be at least 18 to call this online tarot reading hotline.

If you have any questions about the supernatural or biotechnology or perhaps love or money, don’t hesitate to call a psychic at We promise to help and answer your questions to the best of our abilities.

The psychics at wish you a lovely week!

Author: C. Daniels


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