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Destiny offers very few times, so asktheanswer.

Destiny offers very few times, so asktheanswer.

Asktheanswer. It is about those people who offers us anything to ask them. They offers to just "Asktheanswer".

Asktheanswer We all have heard about the psychic readers. To these psychic readers, we can asktheanswers to our questions. We can asktheanswers to these psychic readers us to move in the right direction in the life, we can ask them to make a connection to our loved ones who have passed away, we asktheanswers to our questions about the various spiritual processes like psychic protection, psychic healing etc. These psychic readers can also work as a psychic medium sometimes in order to help us in every possible way. These psychics were born with the gifted psychic abilities but they did not know from the starting, how to use their psychic powers. These new psychics wanted someone in their life to whom they can asktheanswers to their questions. That’s why someone was needed to take a stand for these new psychics to mentor them so that these new psychics, who were lost, can find their way to move forward in the right path. This is the time when the psychic mentors made their entrance. The best part about this student teacher pair was that like all the students these students are also free to asktheanswers to the variety of their questions in front of their experienced teacher. Most of us never heard about these mentors of the psychic readers to whom the new psychics are not only students but like the children. These psychic mentors are the retired psychic readers whose only job is to transfer their legacy in the safe and right hands. The psychic mentors try to enhance the gifted abilities of these new psychics. These psychic mentors encourage them to push their limits so that they can explore themselves completely. These psychic mentors drain out everything from them to these new psychics and always welcome these new psychics to come up with new psychic techniques. It is very important for a new psychic to clear all his doubts about the psychic techniques and spirituality and asktheanswers to every question of him. At first, these psychic mentors used to give education to these new psychics in open area due to lack of funds. But when the nearby peoples heard about these psychics, they came up to asktheanswers to their questions towards these psychic peoples and got the answers to their questions. The psychics started getting money for the service they were providing to the normal peoples. As time passes their fame also spread and they started gathering more crowds for their services. Hence they made enough money to make an institution for the new psychics to provide psychic education to them. In that institute, there was a hostel also where the new psychics can live as well as study. In this institute, the new psychics were taught psychic languages, the mentor teaches the new psychics to how to communicate with the guardian angels of peoples, the art of reading the stars of a person was also taught in that institute and most importantly all the students were free to asktheanswers to their questions. Soon, they started hiring new psychic teachers from different places and soon the new psychic courses like tarot card reading also got introduced in that institute. Every year, a lot of psychics get their graduation from this institute and live their life by providing their psychic services to normal peoples. After some time when they will grow old, perhaps they will also start teaching in that institute where new psychics will asktheanswers to their questions.



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Tinanr 4375Angel card readings, Tarot reading, Psychic, Medium

Tina is a natural psychic clairvoyant who is also a very good medium. Tina can do...

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in a reading
Charlinr 6131Clairvoyant, Fortune teller, Psychic reading
Charli is a wonderfully honest and funny tarot reader. She is a gifted empath and...
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in a reading
Mollynr 4146Angel card readings, Fortune teller, Psychic
Molly has been blessed with her psychic gift since birth and has been giving readings...
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in a reading
Goldeynr 4439Astrology, Angel card readings, Psychic reading
Goldey is highly respected as a psychic and medium, inheriting her natural empathic...
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