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Five Rules for a Lasting Relationship

Five Rules for a Lasting Relationship

I know you are trying to do everything you can to love your significant other and enjoy your time together. I can help you achieve this goal with the following five tips for making your relationship last a very long time!

1.Love Your Partner and OWN IT!

Too many couples say that they love each other like a robot would. You may have years invested in your relationship and are used to saying “I love you” before you go to bed, but that is simply not enough to make your relationship last! Don’t ever take the love that you feel for your significant other for granted. Let he or she know more than one time a day that you love them and in many different ways. Even a small note slipped under their breakfast plate will brighten their day and bring a spark back!

2.Keep up the Physical Aspect

Being physical towards one another is one of the best ways to help your relationship last for years. Physical intimacy does many different things for a couple, including lowering your stress levels! So why not connect as often as you can on a physical level? As long as you can physically perform, don’t ever let your love life disappear. Even just hugging, kissing and cuddling on a regular basis will bring two people closer. 

3.Always Communicate

Communication is an extremely vital key to any relationship. If one partner feels that they cannot really speak with the other one, the relationship will deteriorate over time. Try to listen to your partner more than you actually talk to them. Many times, your loved one simply needs someone to hear their difficulties with an open mind and compassion. It isn’t always about fixing the problem! We all need to know that someone is there and willing to listen to us vent. If communication starts to break down between you and your partner, it is perfectly acceptable to seek outside assistance to bring it back. 

4.Keep the Past Where it Belongs

We have all heard that we should forgive and forget, but is it really that easy to actually do so? While it usually is not, it is important to leave past hurts and problems back where they belong so as not to interrupt the progress you are making today. You and your partner are different than the people you were in the past and you always have room to grow and learn. 

5.Be Open-Minded and Compromise

Your relationship may start feeling dull if you never get out of your comfort zone. You may not like your lover’s particular taste in music, but would it kill you to check out one of their favorite bands for the night? Maybe you want to travel and your loved one would rather stay home…could you compromise and go for weekend getaways instead? Making an honest and willing attempt to enjoy the activities of one another will help keep you both happy for years. 

Are you curious to learn more about your relationship? We have love psychics standing by to give you a reading today! Contact us for more information.



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Laura Maynr 4199Angel card readings, Psychic, Psychic reading, Tarot card reading
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Clairenr 4164Tarot card reading, Psychic, Angel card readings, Psychic reading
Claire is a clairvoyant medium who is also a qualified counsellor and life coach. She...
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Elaynanr 1284Clairvoyant, Tarot reading, Psychic reading, Healer

Elayna is a natural Clairvoyant and Psychic. She also uses the Crystal Ball and Tarot....

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in a reading
Tinanr 4375Angel card readings, Tarot card reading, Psychic, Medium

Tina is a natural psychic clairvoyant who is also a very good medium. Tina can do...

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in a reading
Jespernr 299Psychic reading, Tarot card reading, Fortune teller, Medium
I'm a clear-cut predictor, I like using tarott cards and my clear-mindedness gives you...
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Liamnr 4008Fortune teller, Tarot reading, Psychic reading, Clairvoyant
Liam is a wonderful, intuitive psychic. He has been aware of his fortune telling gifts...
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Tomnr 4422Clairvoyant, Angel card readings, Psychic, Psychic reading

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