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Five Signs The Dead Are Communicating With You

Five Signs The Dead Are Communicating With You

The death of a close friend or family member is devastating and difficult for most of us to deal with. When we lose our loved ones, we are left with so many unanswered questions and our grief can be intense. While death is a natural part of life, shock and confusion can overcome us, leading to lengthy periods of pain, sadness or depression. As time passes, the sadness diminishes in intensity and we gradually overcome these feelings. But one thing is certain: we never stop missing them and we long to speak with them at least once a day.

While the loss of a loved one can be a heart-wrenching experience, there are those who believe
that death is not the end, and that the dead still communicate with us even after they depart.
Religious leaders, scholars, ethicists, psychics and even ordinary folks report strange feelings
that they attribute to the deceased loved ones. Some have even reported encountering ghosts.
The truth is that the dead communicate to us. To connect with them, we only need to be aware
of all the signs they send us. Let’s dive a little deeper now and look at 5 signs the dead are
communicating with you.

Dreams are among the most common ways in which those in spirit will connect with you. This is
because dreams are the link between the physical and the spiritual realm. Dreams are a great
way for the deceased loved ones to spend time with us, offering guidance and support. These
types of dreams are different than the regular ones. In these types of dreams, deceased loved
ones enter the dream surrounded by light. While they may speak with you, they offer some
comfort that they are in a better place. There is nothing startling about these dreams. For
starters, they’re incredibly vivid and real.

Fragrance is perhaps one of the best and strongest ways to know that the deceased loved one
is around. People who have lost their loved ones often report smelling their cologne. Some even
say they still get a waft of their unique smell. There are those who have even reported smelling
cigars in the case of the loved one who used to smoke cigar when they were alive or smelling
certain foods that their loved ones used to love eating the most. The next time you smell your
departed love one’s favorite flower, perfume, cigar or food, odds are it is him and he is letting
you know that he is around.

This is arguably the most common way to know a family member is around. Sensations on the
body like tingling, the skin hair suddenly rising up, feeling a sudden breeze or even a sense of
love and inner peace can all be signs of the departed loved one reaching out to you. You might
also feel your deceased loved one lay down or sit next to you in the couch, holding your hand,
touching your cheek, rubbing your back, or brushing your hair. The feeling can even be more
physical. Some people have reported feeling a shift in the bed or an unexpected weight on the

For those who don’t know, music links us together. And after death, it is said that music is just
as reminiscent. When a song meaningful to your relationship plays at the right moment, this
could signify that your loved one is close by. A vast majority of people report hearing these
meaningful songs time and again in different places. While some might shake it off as a mere
many people report that these songs play at the exact moment they think about their dead loved
ones. Some have reported that they start thinking about the person they’ve lost the moment
these songs start playing.

Our loved ones in the spiritual realmare often very eager to communicate to us and let us know
they are comfortable and that they are part of our lives. But they can’t audibly speak to us
becausethey are in a spiritual world and are not physical beings now. So, they will give us signs
that we can’t disregard. When you receive one type of sign, over and over again, chances are
your deceased loved one is trying to communicate something. The signs can come in many
different forms. The key is to keep your eyes wide open for anything unusual.

There you have it! 5 signs the dead are communicating with you. People who have lost their
loved ones report experiencing these signs. It’s natural to dread when we experience some of
these signs. But remember this is not the ghost of stranger, this is your close friend or family
member reaching out to you.


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