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For most of my life, I’ve had experiences that seemed to be a little different from those around me. When I was a child, I tried to talk with my friends and my family about what I was feeling while I was awake and the dreams that seemed to come back several times a week. They were always explained away using logic, but that left me feeling a little cold and unsatisfied. After I visited a museum and knew things about items in a Civil War exhibit that I could not possibly know, it was time to get help from somebody who understood. That’s when I began to research fortune tellers online and decided to see if one of them could help me. Along the way, I learned that there are actually many signs that we have lived before and a lot of them applied to me. Here are some examples.

Knowing People I Had Never Met
One of the most common signs of past lives has to do with recognizing people that one has
never met before. I had this happen to me when I was still a teenager.
My family went on vacation to the west coast. While there, I struck up a conversation with an
elderly couple. For some reason, I seemed to click with them almost immediately. Even before
they told me their first names, I knew them.
During our discussion, I mentioned some things about their home town that had not come up
yet. That led them to believe I had visited that part of the country before. By then I had learned
not to share too much about what went on in my head, so I let them think I was there
before. In fact, I think I was there, just not in my current lifetime.

Being Afraid for No Apparent Reason
I've also found myself in situations that seemed harmless but I felt the panic building fast. One
occasion that comes to mind when I was spending the summer at a wilderness camp.
One of the other kids came across a snake and brought it back for all of us to see. While it was
not a poisonous snake, the sight of it filled me with dread.
What I was feeling far exceeded the usual aversion to snakes. For some reason, it was all I
could do to walk away. Every step took all the energy and willpower I could muster.
It was only years away during one of several psychic readings that the medium brought up the
subject of snakes and asked me if I had a strong fear of them. She told me that the fear came
from jumping into a river during a past life and landing in a nest of water moccasins. That life, she
told me, ended that day, but it left a permanent imprint on my spirit.

All Those Dreams
I tend to dream a lot. Some of them are connected to the here and now or at least to my current
life somehow. Others have me in different places and times. All of those dreams seem so real
that I'd swear I've been there and that those events actually happened.
During my psychic readings, I learned that dreams are often a gateway to the memories of past
lives. With my conscious mind resting and not in the way, my subconscious was able to tap into
those soul memories and let me remember what had happened to me when I lived
before. The reason those places and eras that should seem so foreign are especially vivid
because I was there.

I can not tell you how those readings have made a difference in my life. After talking with more
than one psychic, I now feel the calm that comes with knowing there is more than just this life. I
now embrace every dream and count myself lucky when I meet someone who seems to be
anything but a stranger.
Contact one of the fortune tellers online today and discuss the opportunity that you've lived
before. If the answer is yes, quite a few of the events you have experienced in this life will
suddenly make a lot of sense.


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