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How To Send Healing Energy To Others

How To Send Healing Energy To Others

To send healing energy to others, I always practice a few special steps in succession. I never want to send healing energy when I am feeling down, sad or depressed. The best way to send healing energy to someone is when I am feeling healthy, strong and revitalized. The only way to do this is by taking care of myself first!

Why would I send healing energy to someone?

I send healing energy to people who I’m physically far away from and who is sick, sad or hurt. An online psychic can help decode why this person is experiencing such things. In addition, it might be helpful to explore psychic readings by a professional to understand their state of mind. The reasons for their strife vary greatly, but the result is always that someone near and dear to me is in need of extra help, an energetic push towards love and happiness.

Set up a quiet, private space

Take some time to set up a private area in your home or out in nature that is away from other people. I always make sure that I am far away from distractions, whether that is the phone, TV or doorbell. Sometimes putting on headphones and playing quiet, relaxing music can help me enter the space of healing, positive light and love.

Visualize the person

I always start by closing my eyes and visualizing the person in their best form. I remember them as they once were, if they used to be happy. If I cannot see them in that light, I always envision that they are healthy, happy and smiling. When I see then in my mind’s eye this way, my heart opens up and I feel a love pour out towards them. I keep visualizing them in their natural state, and I think of all the things I love about that person.

Say loving words

I whisper loving, sweet words about this person out loud or in my head. This makes me smile, and in my mind’s eye, they are smiling back at me. The linguistic connection between me and that person in a psychic way opens our hearts to each other. There are ways psychic readings can help delve deeper into this connection or how it can become weakened or completely dissipated over time.

Put your hand on your heart

While closing my eyes and visualizing the person, my hand always instinctively travels to my heart center where my loving energy is being sent. This sometimes feels warm, electrical or like it is on fire. This is all normal feelings to experience when sending loving energy. Sometimes my hand feels like it is burning, or like my chest is vibrating. These are all feelings that an online psychic understands and can help me deal with.

Close the session

Begin to close the healing energy session by smiling at the person one last time. Bring the positive intentions toward this person with the full depth of your heart in that final moment. I always smile my widest smile, and sometimes the love is so overwhelming it brings a tear to my eye. Then, I wave at them in a friendly, loving way.


After I have sent loving energy to someone who needs it, I feel refreshed and loved in return, too. This healing energy I sent is not only directed towards someone outside of me, it flows through me and within me. This is the beauty of sending loving energy to others, it does not only affect the person receiving it.

The giver of all this healing energy experiences it, too. To learn more about how to send healing energy to others, soeak to one of our psychics today!


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