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Is My Child Growing Up in the Afterlife?

Is My Child Growing Up in the Afterlife?

The loss of a child is a terrible burden for parents to bear. Many wonder if children grow up in the afterlife, remain the same age, or stay on Earth. From my work as a medium, I know that the afterlife parallels this plane and that children do grow there. They must, however, first make it into the other realm.

It has been my experience that children who die before they are born have old souls. Life on this plane is only one step on any spirit's journey. Those with old souls already have a deep understanding of the lessons learned here and are ready to transition to the afterlife quickly. These children stay bound to their parents, however, and act as spirit guides from the other side. Through the help of a medium like myself, parents are able to have a more open relationship with these children and more readily accept their help and guidance. These children do continue to grow in the afterlife, but do so very quickly and may be older than the parents they have left behind.

Young Children and Teens

Most young children and teens cross easily into the afterlife upon their death. These children are received with a great deal of love and warmth by relatives who have crossed over before them. These elders guide them as they continue to grow and mature in the afterlife. And grow they do - they simply have their learning experiences in the afterlife rather than in this one. Children who died young frequently present an older version of themselves when contacted through a medium. This allows their parents to see them and get to know the soul they are becoming as they continue to evolve.

Earthbound Children

If a child's death was particularly traumatic or unexpected, parents may have a more difficult time than usual of letting go. When this happens, the child's spirit can become earthbound rather than crossing into the afterlife. Earthbound children sometimes continue to stay in the house where they lived. At other times they gravitate towards playgrounds or other areas they loved and enjoyed in life. They may seek out other children who are able to see and understand them, which is where the phenomenon of imaginary friends comes from. Because they did not cross into the afterlife, these children become stuck both in this world and stay the age they were when they died. Although children tend to stay earthbound only if their parents are unable to let them go, their parents should not feel guilty. These children will pass seamlessly into the afterlife when their parents do. A medium can also help them transition to the afterlife by helping them communicate their needs to their grieving parents.

If you've lost a child and need to reach out to them, I and others like me can help. Simply contact us and ask for assistance. We will happily help you find your child in the afterlife and communicate with them so you can get the peace of mind you need.


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