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Last Resort
Last Resort

Last Resort

In my work as a fortune teller, psychic and clairvoyant I help people by guiding them in future decisions. I also perform house cleansing.

Sometimes I'm contacted by people who feel they are being disturbed by some unexplainable phenomena or some sort of spirit that they want to get rid of. Tarot readings, both face to face tarot readings and online tarot reading, angel reading and psychic readings can be useful in situations like that. Often I'm asked if it's possible for a person to be possessed by a spirit simply by visiting a certain place and if it's possible for a spirit to move from one person to another. A lot of times people who are being possessed by a spirit have no recollection of being in contact with the supernatural or that any of their loved ones who passed away may still have something they want to say.

As a psychic medium I can tell you the same as most other psychics and mediums will tell you that yes it is possible to be possessed by spirits just by visiting a place, especially if that place is particularly haunted or packed with energies. It is also possible for a spirit to travel from one person to another. Although it rarely happens it is possible. I would like to share a story with you about a young woman who often contacts me for online tarot reading.

A while ago she called me and I could immediately tell she was desperate for help. She was hoping a psychic reading would help her situation. She told me she sometimes woke up with the feeling of something heavy weighing down on her chest, almost like an electric shock. It didn't hurt but she said it was very scary and creepy. She also told me that she kept seeing small flashes of light in her flat. At first she thought she was just tired and stressed out but it kept happening over and over again, even when she was well rested, so she started to get a little bit worried.

We arranged a day for me to come to her house to see if I could spot anything unusual. I prepared myself and looked forward to finding out more about what was going on in this woman's home. I'm psychic so I quickly spotted a slim figure in her flat. It was a woman holding a dead baby in her arms. She was screaming in despair. It was a very unpleasant sight. I asked her why she was here and how she got here. She showed passages from her life, almost like a movie being played out for my third eye. This woman was a devout Jew who had lost her life during World War II. She had been captured by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz where she lost her husband and the rest of her family.

The Nazis let her live for a while and she gave birth to a child that died shortly after it was born. The woman could no longer stand being alive and she ended up committing suicide by touching the electric fence that surrounded this eerie place. But suicide is not allowed in the Jewish religion so after her death she was overwhelmed with guilt, fear and loneliness and was stuck, unable to move on to the spiritual world.

I asked the woman who had asked me to come to her house if she had ever visited Auschwitz. She told me she went when she was in high school and what she saw there left a deep impact on her. I told her that's where you got the spirit from. The shocks you feel at night are the electric shocks that went through the woman's body when she electrocuted herself.

The spirit didn't wish to do any harm all she wanted was to be free and healed. She had started to disturb the woman in the house in order to get her to contact a psychic medium that could help her spirit move on. I showed the spirit the door to the higher dimensions and off she went. Free at least and able to reunite with her family that welcomed her with big smiles.

My work here was done and I returned home. A month later that same woman called me again but this time to tell me that she never got disturbed during the night or saw flashing lights in her flat and that she now woke up every morning feeling energized instead of drained. I am so happy that my psychic medium gift was able to help two people in one session.

Author: J. Johnston


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