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Psychic insights that help

Psychic insights that help

What a Psychic Taught Me About Making Love Last


Every relationship has some highs and lows. That is certainly true with my partner and me. At times, we can’t get enough of each other and other times it seems as if one or both of us could walk away with no regrets. 

The thing is I really do love my partner and I want to grow old together. How does that happen when things seem to be on auto-pilot and both of us are just going through the motions? 

I decided the time had come to contact an online psychic medium and see what sort of advice I could get. What I was told made me see relationships in a whole new light. Here are some of the things I learned and that ended up helping us grow closer than ever. 

There’s a Lot in the Signs

The Zodiac was not anything new to me. I’d read a bit about the character traits of people born under different signs and which ones tended to be more compatible. What I didn’t know about was how being born under a certain sign influences the way I subconsciously view love and intimate relations. 

My online psychic medium moved on quickly from providing an overview of how the stars influence our relationships and zeroed in on the signs of my partner and me. Since I was born under the sign of Aquarius, my tendency is to see physical and emotional intimacy as two separate and not necessarily connected phenomenons. In other words, I would see nothing wrong with casual encounters that were physical in nature only. Betrayal to me would be my partner developing an emotional relationship with someone else. 

My Taurus partner sees things differently. Monogamy of body and spirit is the order of the day. A physical encounter with someone outside our relationship would be as much of a betrayal as falling in love with another person. 

Did that mean we were doomed to failure? Not at all. It turns out that what our signs share is a craving for emotional attachment and an openness to explore all sorts of physical pleasures. By recognizing these two things about ourselves, we could strengthen and deepen our relationship and keep it mutually satisfying. 

The Future is Not Written in Stone

There are those who believe the future is already set and all us mortals can do is follow the script. My psychic tells me that’s not true. While the stars can point the way and compel, I still have choices. What happens down the road is based on what I do today. That’s true with everything, including my relationship. 

When we did the first love tarot reading, my psychic prepared me by saying I would learn a lot about where I was today and also get a glimpse of where I could be in the future. During the reading, a good bit of what came out I could affirm immediately. It was as if the psychic was in my head and knew what I was thinking!

Glimpsing What Could Be 

As we progressed to the possibilities for the future, the psychic identified points in time when I would have to make choices. If I made one choice, my relationship would likely end. If I chose the other road, we would be together for a long time. There would be other choices to make along the way and each one would determine whether our love would deepen or if it would wither on the vine. 

While I still don’t know what will happen, I have a better idea of what could happen and how I can begin working on making our love last right this minute. Contact a psychic today and ask for a love Tarot reading. You’ll be surprised at what you learn and how it can spark quite a few ideas on how to keep that love light shining.


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