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Relationships - 3 Tips That Make Two Different Life Paths Work

Relationships - 3 Tips That Make Two Different Life Paths Work

When people realize that their life paths vary from their partners, they often make the decision to end the relationship. While some differences cannot be reconciled, that isn't always the case. Instead of immediately surrendering the love of your life, consider the ways that you can still pursue your own paths while remaining together.

Part of the reason why these relationships often fail is because couples assume that they have to follow everyone else's rules. They think that they are somehow failing as a pair if they don't live together, marry and raise children. While you may eventually want one or more of those experiences, you don't necessarily need to have them now. If you want to volunteer for a year helping people living in rural poverty and your partner wants to explore theatrical career opportunities in the big city, consider living apart. Some couples even permanently live apart from one another. The extreme to which you go is up to you, but you should know that you get to create the rules for your relationship. What the two of you decide does not have to work for anyone else.

Make the Time
You may also feel as though not enough time exists for the two of you to both pursue your paths. Take out a planner; see if you can make it work that way. While actually sitting down to schedule in activities that you love might seem boring or even overwhelming, it could actually help your relationship to last. When you really evaluate how much time you will have to dedicate to pursuing your passions, you may realize that you do still have the needed moments remaining to spend time with your partner. You may also decide that you will each pursue your own path for a separate period of time and then come back together. Also, it's possible to take turns. Maybe both of you want to go back to school, but you both can't afford to do so at the same time. One person could go now, and one person could go later.

Find a Middle Area
Some situations cannot be compromised. For example, if you want to have children and your partner does not, you have reached an impasse. You cannot find a solution. On the other hand, some situations do allow you to reach a middle ground. Maybe you both want to live close to your families. You could find an area in the middle that is reasonable, or you could agree to live in one area for a certain amount of time and then move to the other. Before you give up on the relationship, consider if it is possible to find a solution that benefits both of you.

When you and your life partner have different life paths, that doesn't mean the relationship has come to an end. Instead, you can try these other possible solutions, and you can give us a call to learn more about potential remedies.


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