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Satanism, Part Two

Satanism, Part Two

The psychics at don’t worship the devil in any way. We do have a strong belief in love.

Even if we’re not Satanists we have a great interest and in other religions and faiths than our own. Having knowledge in a lot of different religions makes you see that there’s something good you can find in every religion. The church of Satan has a big focus on pleasure in their religion and we can always be better by seeking pleasure in our lives.

The church of Satan doesn’t actively seek new members and they don’t have a physical location where they teach or preach. For $100 you get a lifetime membership, but if you want to get in touch with other members it’s entirely up to you to make contact. Satanism is a religion with a very strong focus on the individual so getting something handed to you would be very “un-satanistic”.

According to the Church of Satan the meaning of life is pleasure. No pleasure is wrong as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it. Satanists often point to the similarities between animals and humans; an animal is happy just eating and procreating. In the same way we humans shouldn’t concern ourselves about injustice, depressed friends if we want to be happy. According to Satanism trying to seek a higher meaning of life will only lead to sadness and despair and in the end you will lose your will to live.

Like most religions Satanism has an idea of how the world should look. Satanism encourages beautiful and talented people to procreate in order to improve the world. Satanists have a positive view of biotechnology because with it we could design and choose the characteristics of our offspring in order to avoid birth defects. Satanists with birth defects and handicaps restrain themselves from having kids.

The Church of Satan has a five point program to change society in a direction that will benefit Satanists. The idea of the five point program is to end mediocrity, the idea of equality and equal rights, and instead push for the individual right to do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

If you’re interested in religions and different spiritual views of life please feel free to call us seers and psychics at The psychics at have a great interest in religions and we meet people of different faiths every day. The psychics at this psychic reading hotline are faced with moral dilemmas on a daily basis, so we have a lot of knowledge and experience about the moral dilemmas within Satanism.At we offer expertise in spiritual advice and guidance as well as psychic readings and tarot card readings. You have to be at least 18 to call a seer or psychic at

Author: K. Murray


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