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The Colours of the Aura

The Colours of the Aura

What is an aura and how can you see it? Here’s how to understand an aura and what it means to your life and your own wellbeing.

Most of us have used the terms “glowing with happiness”, “green with envy”, “black with sorrow” and others like that. These expressions have originated from the beliefs about the aura.

Through my career as a psychic and fortune teller I have been asked questions about the aura many times. What is it, and how can you see it? Basically every living creature, plant and material has an aura. One way to define it is that the aura is: “the energy field that surrounds all material”.

Each substance atom consists of electrons and protons that are in constant movement. The electron has a negative charge and the protons have a positive charge. In everything that lives, these atoms vibrate stronger and are more active. It is the energy field that these atoms radiate that is called the aura.

Psychics all over the world and through all ages have described this aura as a light that surrounds a human being and it is also from that we get the halo. The halo in itself was a way to describe if someone had stronger energy or stronger heavenly power or connections.

Our aura can be strong or weak depending on our wellbeing. The healthier and happier we are the stronger and more viable our aura gets. If our aura is strong we get less affected by outside negative influence. If our aura is weak we easily get sick, are easily manipulated and we are more tired. Many of our psychics and mediums can give you a psychic reading and healing that will strengthen your aura.

There are several methods to strengthen and increase your aura it is up to you to find the right method for you. The aura should be strengthened from both the inside and the outside. From the inside you can reinforce it through different meditations, positive thinking, healthy eating and healthy living. From the outside you can reinforce it by spending more time in nature preferably near the sea if possible. You should also notice what type of people you surround yourself with. Some of these people or environments can have a weakening affect on your aura. Your psychic or your fortune teller can give you advice in what your aura really needs during an online tarot reading.

Everyone can learn to see the aura you don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to do that. You can see the aura with your eyes for real or you can see it intuitively. There are different methods especially when it comes to interpreting what you see. It is not only the colours, it’s also where they are in the aura that has true meaning. A person’s aura can change a lot during the day but some people have one dominant color even if the aura changes in color and strength.

A simple practice to train your eyes to see a person’s aura is something like this:

1. Let a friend stand against a white wall. The light should be dim. Stand about 3 meters from the person. You should be at a distance that allows you to see the whole person and an area around the person.

2. Start by focusing on your friend’s forehead and move your eyes counter clockwise around the body.

3. Move your eyes to the top of the head and stare at this point for about 30 seconds.

4. Shift your eyesight from focused to being soft and then you try to include more of the body. Stay with the soft focus and you should start to see the aura. The aura around the head and shoulders are often the one you can see more of. Repeat from the beginning if you need to.

Often you first see a white field and that is because white is made up of all the colours, but after that you can discover them in detail. Every colour gives you a message but even the combination and the intensity of different colors can give you information about the person’s personality. You do need a lot of practice and a lot of studying in both the physical body and metaphysical to interpret with precision what the aura is telling you about the person’s wellbeing. A lot of psychics learn this through the years. Learning how to see an aura can be helpful when you want to develop your sensitivity and your intuition. It is often a way to strengthen you own energy field and your wellbeing too. A fortune teller often uses the aura to give psychic readings and to make sure that the psychic is reaching the client. The aura and its colours also help the fortune teller know what type of healing and psychic reading the client needs.

The tarot cards are also connected to the colours of the aura and that gives a fortune teller the opportunity to see during an online tarot reading what colours are in your aura. If you want to know what colours are in your aura, you can call our psychics and mediums to get a psychic reading about your aura.

Author: P. Connor


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