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The Feared Reaper

The Feared Reaper

Death in all its various forms has always been terrifying. There’s no better place than a cemetery to be reminded of that hooded figure we all know.

Cemeteries and graveyards have always been an inspiration for a lot of ghost stories and horror movies. A worried soul that hasn’t reconciled with its own death will restlessly roam the graves. Even the bravest person feels a shiver down their spine if they spend a night at an old graveyard. Even a fortune teller, a clairvoyant or a psychic can find a cemetery uncomfortable.

Most of us have at some point made an acquaintance with the so called reaper. A clairvoyant, psychic medium or fortune teller will come into contact with it regularly through an online tarot reading. The reaper is described as a skeleton dressed in black with a hood on its head or sometimes as a white-haired, tall and skinny man driving a funeral carriage pulled by four black horses. The reaper’s main task is to tell us about a coming death or to lead lost souls in the right direction. A fortune teller may pull the death card in psychic readings and it often looks like a reaper.

The myth about a ghostlike entity circling around places associated with death is found around Europe and is called an Ankou. An Ankou is sad to be a sort of soul whose task is to guard the graveyard and scare away all things dead or alive that could disturb the peace for the deceased.

According to old traditions an Ankou was created by burying an unhappy victim alive when they started to use a new cemetery. This victim’s tormented soul was in that way bound to the graves and protected them and also had the task to collect lost souls on his ground. Other traditions say that the first person that died at the beginning of the year became an Ankou and was succeeded by next year’s first death.

The description of an Ankou are a lot like the reaper’s, a hooded skeleton with a scythe in its hand or a shadowlike figure dressed in a hat and also with a scythe in one hand. It is said that the Ankou with a hat also rides in a carriage pulled by horses to collect souls from the recently departed. Legend has it that you could see this carriage outside a home where someone was facing death. Death is a big change for every soul and because of that the death card during tarot readings stands for change and transformation. In a tarot reading, psychics and mediums never predict death.

Sometimes the Ankou would knock on the door before he entered or give out a deep cry. On some occasions the living could hear this cry. The cry reminded you of the shrieking sound of a train or an owl hooting. He also had two ghostlike helpers who carried the dead to the carriage.

If someone knocked on your door in the middle of the night and when you opened there was no one there you would be terrified. If you should meet an Ankou during a nightly walk the best thing to do was to be polite and helpful or you could risk being his next victim.

The psychics I know do not predict death through fortune telling. During an online tarot reading you should give psychic advice and not scare people. For some it can be scary to get a tarot reading, which is why some people prefer angel readings. However, psychic readings aren’t dangerous, they are instructive and somewhat healing. The advice you get from a fortune teller when you call psychics and mediums is something a psychic is happy to give to you.

The stories about the reaper and the Ankou sound like ghost stories and no-one living knows if they are true. A psychic or a clairvoyant can speak to spirits (often with the help of angel readings) but not many of them would like to tell you what they really see in the graveyard. Just like many other psychics, I believe in ghosts and because I am clairvoyant I have seen them. I don’t seek them out for psychic readings - they come to me if they want to. No matter whether you believe in ghosts or not, you shouldn’t take a walk around a cemetery at night. You don’t want to anger a tall dark figure carrying a scythe!

Author: K. Moore


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