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The Green Man

The Green Man

Everybody who starts studying witchcraft will encounter The Green Man. Here’s a simple explanation on what that is and why he is so important.

While studying to become a seer, psychic, medium and a witch I had an early encounter with The Green Man. Once you meet him you will never forget him. He constantly speaks to you through the trees, grass, desert sand, flowers, bushes and even the sea grass. He’s the ultimate god for vegetation and he symbolizes fertility, generosity and harvest.

The Green Man has come and gone the past 2000 years. He’s older than Christianity and he’s portrayed as an image of regeneration and rebirth. He reminds us that we are just a fraction of the living organism that is earth. Spiritual guidance from him is prosperous.

Throughout history, the most common image of him is the one of a man’s head surrounded by dense foliage. It almost looks like the foliage and his face are one. In America you can find this image engraved in stone and ceramics at almost every florist. In Europe we find him in churches, altars, secret alcoves and government buildings. No matter what religion you believe in The Green Man touches us all. He’s an important god for witches and psychics.

In fairy tales and legends he can be Robin Hood, The Holly King andThe Wild Man. He’s represented in several different cultures such as Curupira in Brazil, Tammuz in Mesopotamia and Osiris in Egypt. A lot of psychics and witches chose the gods from just one mythology when performing a divination or ritual.

The Green Man is a well preserved theme throughout the world and he’s often associated with the tree of life. This god who dies and gets reborn through the season is not a new idea. He existed long before Christianity and is thousands of years old. As a psychic I fully believe in rebirth and that is what The Green Man stands for.

As a seer, psychic and a medium I encounter this deity all the time. He’s in my tarot card readings; he is the one on the card that represents the world. All psychics have their own interpretation of the cards but when I’m giving you a tarot reading he represents a successful closure.

My future as a psychic is constantly growing and The Green Man is always by my side. Knowing that The Green Man will always be in the tarot readings when I give spiritual guidance through an online tarot reading makes me feel at ease and helps the process a great deal. I’m a psychic with a green force by my side.

Author: C. Anders


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