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The Phenomenological Perspective

The Phenomenological Perspective

Phenomenology is a branch of psychology between behavioral science and psychoanalysis. This is an explanation about it from a psychic.

Phenomenologists don’t see humans as machines that can be programmed and re-programmed but as a whole. We are not a product of our upbringing, like both psychoanalysts and Freudians believe. Phenomenologists believe the opposite, that we are also a product of our upbringing, environment, rational and irrational thoughts. In this article you will learn how to improve your self-esteem and get more out of your life by having a Phenomenological view of yourself.

At the age of eighteen I had a pretty clear view of how I was. My self-image was the only correct one and if anyone perceived my in any other way I discarded them as wrong. During a lecture in Phenomenology I was interviewed and asked how I see myself as a driver. I explained that I was a bad driver and probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive at all. We discussed my current situation and the situation I wished I was in. Pretty soon it became clear that my biggest issue was how I perceived myself as driver. There’s no objective way to determine whether I’m a bad driver or not. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

At the age of 21 this lecture became a life changing moment for me. I started to question how I perceived myself, not only as a driver but also as a psychic, friend, daughter, student etc. it’s like the perception I have of myself and my abilities don’t match the real me. It’s like I think I know what I’m capable of but most often I don’t see myself clearly. It’s not like I lost myself but I haven’t really questioned how I am either. I absolutely think it’s healthy to question who you are from time to time just to realize what you’re capable of and being able to live up to your potential.

I work as a psychic and I often meet people who still dwell in the same negative perceptions of themselves instead of seeing their own potential.Too many people that at one point have been rejected believe that they are always going to be rejected and that they are not loved. Sometimes as a psychic you meet people that have been offered a better position at work but didn’t have the courage to take the step because they felt inadequate. They have perceptions like; I’m too lazy, too nervous, I can’t talk in front of people, I don’t have the knowledge the job requires, when in fact they are more than capable. These people have old negative perceptions of themselves probably because of something that happened in the past.

An often reoccurring scenario we psychics at are facing regarding women that have been single for several years. Not because that they are not beautiful and desired by both men and women but because they have been dumped in a previous relationship and therefore are certain that they are going to get dumped in every relationship they will ever have for the rest of their lives. We psychics are saddened every time we talk to a woman that doesn’t understand how fantastic and unique she is and that they deserve to be loved. So if you’re a single woman and you read this, you are an empathic, loveable, smart and capable woman and you deserve to get everything you ever wanted.

I, as a psychic, want to encourage you to evaluate the perceptions you have of yourself. It’s most likely that the negative thoughts you have about yourself are not true at all.

It’s good to evaluate the perception you have of yourself on a regular basis as it keeps us more in touch with ourselves. That will give you a better understanding of your capacity and it will able you to use your abilities in a better and more efficient way. When you call to talk to your psychic, your psychic will help you to look at yourself with clear eyes. She will, with help from tarot reading and psychic reading, have an objective and empathetic approach that ultimately will help you better understand your abilities.

We who work as seers, psychics and fortune tellers at the online tarot reading hotline sometimes work day and sometimes night which gives you the opportunity to call your online tarot reading hotline for advice and support anytime you need. All psychics have different gifts and training, so for you to find a psychic you feel comfortable with is very good. We at wish you continue to have a lovely day and that you from now on never look down on yourself ever again.

Author: M. Waters


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