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The Power of Tarot

The Power of Tarot

I've worked as a fortune teller, psychic and clairvoyant for the 15 years. The most tools I use when I perform psychic readings are my tarot cards.

With those I am able to channel the tarot spirits and give a tarot reading and/or angel readings that truly help my clients move forward in life. There's a large variety of cards available in different colours, sizes, illustrations etc. The best thing to do is to pick the cards you feel the biggest connection with. One thing all decks of tarot cards have in common is that they all have so called 'face cards'; these are the Kings, Queens, Knights and Page (prince/princess) all of them usually depict a person – sometimes that person represents the client who is getting an online tarot reading or it could be a representation of someone within their immediate circle of family and friends.

Like a regular deck of cards, tarot cards have four suits; in a regular deck of cards those are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs but in a deck of tarot card the suits are cubs, sticks coins and swords. As an online fortune teller I usually ask my client what their zodiac sign is In order to pick the suit I will use when I perform the psychic readings. Zodiac signs are connected to the four elements. You might think; 'what are those four elements and why are they relevant during an online tarot reading?'

Since ancient times man has felt the need and desire to explain how the world started and what it consists of. We have always been fascinated by the infinity of the universe and its creation. Long before science came up with an explanation, other theories have been argued. Many ancient cultures found the answers they were looking for by using astrology and astronomy, just like some psychics and mediums do today. Many of the myths about the creation of life and the creation of the universe are strongly linked to the four elements. In the West the four elements are believed to have had a great influence on the development of modern medicine, chemistry and healing.

A common perception was that everything in our world, including man, consisted of four different elements. It was important that the "small universe", i.e. humans, just like the universe, were in balance and that none of the elements played a dominant role. In ancient times and in the Middle Ages most healing sessions were about getting the four elements in balance, a fortune teller would tell you the same. In astrology the twelve zodiac signs are divided into four groups with three zodiac signs in each group. Each group has one of the four elements attached to it and that element is said to have a particular importance to the zodiac signs in that group.

The four elements used in astrology are as follow:

Earth: This element is associated with things you can touch - our basic building blocks and the creation of mankind. Earth zodiac signs are Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. Earth tarot suites are Coins or Pentagram. A psychic reading is often about stability and security.

Fire: The fire element is associated with vitality, energy, passion and willpower. Fire both destroys and creates. It stands for work and physical challenges. Fire zodiac signs are Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Tarot card suite is Rods and Staves. A psychic reading is often about career and business.

Air: The air element is associated with communication and intelligence, the force of the universe and purity. It is also associated with breathing, sight and home. Air zodiac signs are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Tarot card suit is Swords. A psychic reading is often about intellect and communication.

Water: The water element is associated with emotions, subconscious, relationships and artistic talent. Water is healing, purifying and dynamic. Water zodiac signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Tarot card suite is Cups. Psychic readings are often about feelings and relationships.

The above description is a very simple description of the four elements. There are a lot of information, traditions and myths associated with each of the elements all of which most psychics and mediums are well aware of. Knowing what tarot a client is associated with is very important both in online tarot reading, angel readings and for an online fortune teller. It helps the psychic and clairvoyant connect better with the spiritual world and thus ensure the client gets clear and accurate answers that can help them move forward in life.

Author: L. Martin


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