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To be a witch
To be a witch

To be a witch

Does being a witch mean using magic spells and potions? Learn about the reality of witchcraft and how it can help you on your journey.

If someone had told me years ago that I would be working as a fortune teller, I would have laughed. But today I can safely say that I am good at fortune telling. Of course back then, this was not a given.

As a child, I had something that my family didn’t understand. The supernatural was something we never spoke about growing up. This is why it has taken me a long time to get to where I am today. As a child, I had the ability to go in and out of near-death-experiences. At the time I didn’t understand what this was, and the fear of what might happen if I slipped deeper into this unknown was too great. I didn’t know how to control the events either. So rather than talking about it, I hid it.

When, as a teenager, I moved away from home, more things happened that I also hid, but now I bring it out freely. Since I can't control who gets through, or when, I often feel people who have passed away. It can be a hand on my shoulder, a finger tapping me in the back or I can suddenly get very cold. At the same time I shake uncontrollably and strongly and I get a feeling of what the spirit is feeling or has felt.

I felt very natural to me to work in a funeral home. And this is also one of the reasons, working so close with death, that my fear started to subside and doors started opening for me. Working with every stage of life from new-borns to the elderly have given me the necessary development I needed to start to “feel” again. I also started to “see” certain people who had passed away. When I, a few months ago, suddenly started to hear voices and see how people who have passed away can take on another form, I felt surprise, relief and joy. Today I dare to view life in another way. I dare to change and to see the connection between the living and “the other side”.

The way I work is by focusing on the living person’s life, here and now, to read, feel and to give advice. Tarot is my main tool and I can also receive feelings that have to do with the person I’m doing tarot readings for. The more precise the questions are, the clearer the answers will be. My specialty is first and foremost emotions. In rare cases I can also connect with animals. As a medium I can’t control my contact with “the other side”. The most important thing you need to know is that all clairvoyants, fortune tellers, psychics and mediums work in different ways. The different psychics often have different specialties and skills, the same way that they often have different tools and techniques. Tools can be tarot cards, stones, vision, hearing etc.

I am not a typical “witch” because I combine my psychic ability with working full time in the theatre. To have been given this opportunity to combine these two professions helps me to constantly develop and renew me. My starting point is the ground that I stand on, anything else is an amazing bonus that I treasure and protect to keep the connection between the living and “the other side”. Consensus between these two worlds is just as necessary as it is vitally important. Not just for me, but also for so very many others who also view life and humans with trust, joy, warmth and love.

Author: N. Moore


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