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What Can a Medium/Psychic Help Me With?

What Can a Medium/Psychic Help Me With?

When I began looking into the world of psychics and mediums I didn’t know the difference. I learned over time that psychics are mainly used to read tarot cards and to act as fortune tellers, while mediums are used to contact loved ones or the deceased who have passed over. I feel as though there is a real need for them both, although many mediums are also psychics. When I was in my twenties, I lost my cousin who died in a car accident. Her death was hard for me to accept on many levels, and I thought about her all of the time. As I got older, I often felt her presence in my life and I wanted to find out if there was something she wanted to get across to me. So, I consulted with a medium. The reading was more than I could have imagined. My cousin reassured me she was happy and still with me in spirit. It was exactly what I needed to move on with my life. Psychic mediums online can be a real help when it isn’t possible to visit them in person.


What is a Tarot Card Reading?

Oh, I love tarot readings! This is where you can ask any question and the tarot reader will
choose a lay out of cards to answer your question. If you don’t have a question, that is okay too.
The fortune tellers can do a spread that will contemplate your current state of affairs. It is
important to understand, in a reading, that whatever outcome seems to come through you are
always in control of your own life. The tarot should only be used to give someone information
based on what could happen. With any life changes, by the client, the outcome may change.

What Should I Expect from a Reading with a Medium?
When consulting with a medium, it is important to understand they don’t have any control over
who comes through and what is talked about. Many people want questions to be answered, but
the topic of conversation is made by the spirit coming through. The medium will ask for
reassurances, from you, that they are getting the signals right. Many mediums will feel, hear,
and see what the spirit wants to talk about, but it isn’t written out in black and white. It is
important to allow the medium to ask you questions without too much input, so that they can
piece together the message coming across.

Can a Medium Tell My Future?
A medium can definitely read tarot cards, or some other form of fortune telling, and connect with
your deceased loved ones. Psychic mediums online can do anything he/she has trained for.
Many times tarot cards can be used in conjunction with other talents a medium may have. When
working with someone who has gifts of psychic abilities or as a medium, it is always important to
respect their gifts and allow for their limitations and let them tell you what they can do for you.
Telling the future can be difficult for any psychic, because the probabilities of the future is
always changing. What a psychic can tell you, is what the probability of your future will be based
on the present moment. A medium has the ability to talk with spirit and may get information a
psychic alone may not receive. So, the answer is to find someone you like, and remember to
use the information you receive as a guide toward the future, not words written in stone.


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