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What Do John Travolta Believe In?
What Do John Travolta Believe In?

What Do John Travolta Believe In?

Despite almost 40 successful years in show business, Travolta haven’t been involved in any drug scandals. Is the reason for that scientology?

Scientology is a young religion but scientologists often point out that it’s based on wisdom dating back more than 50000 years. According to scientologists, scientology is the only religion with working technology and therefore the only religion that could help man achieve a more peaceful existence. According to scientology every human being is born well and the path to spiritual salvation is entirely up to yourself; your personal relations and achieving a form of unity with the universe.

Scientologists claim that our constant stride for material things makes us miserable and unhappy, and with that comes a fear of losing what we have. Scientology promises insight about what’s really important in life.

Ron Hubbard founded scientology and he became world famous when he published the book “Dianetics: The modern science of mental health”. The book tells us how to deal with the reasons for war, crime, lack of moral and empathy, illiteracy amongst the young. According to dianetics the human mind could be described as a calculator. This machine makes mistakes when it receives bad information. When this stops your goodness will appear and you will reach a state called “clear”. This is a state that is characterized by high intelligence and the lack of neuroses, psychoses, inhibitions and delusions.

A professor in political science read Ron Hubbard’s book and was quoted in The New York Times saying “History has become a race between Dianetics and catastrophe. Dianetics will win if enough people will understand it in time”. This is a famous quote for scientologists.

Even after Ron Hubbard solved the mystery of the human mind he continued his research. After some time he published a book about the religious philosophy that is scientology and with that scientology was founded.

Scientologists believe that the meaning of life is pleasure. Your pleasure should be achieved in a way that doesn’t involve the use of prostitutes, which is a perfectly legit way for people of the satanic church. Scientologists believe that when you reach the state of “clear” you will experience complete pleasure and satisfaction. Scientology doesn’t have any visions about changing the foundations of society, but the more people that reach the state of “clear” the better society will be. A good society is a society free from crime and war.

Scientology put a lot of faith in the individual to make the right decisions for society and themselves. While teachers with long and vast experience of the religion can help you to faster achieve the goals the religion encourages you to strive for, it doesn’t exclude you from achieving complete insight in the religion. Catholics for example believe that only the pope can have full insight, but in scientology you can be your own “pope”.

The psychics at the online tarot reading hotline all come from different faiths and religions. Some of the psychics at are religious and some are agnostic. Our common denominator is spirituality, that we believe there’s something larger than ourselves and the goodness in people. If you have any questions about scientology, spirituality or anything else please call us at any time. The online tarot reading hotline is always open and there’s always a psychic available for you online. At we offer spiritual guidance, spiritual advice and tarot readings. You have to be at least 18 to call this online tarot reading hotline.

As a psychic and spiritual medium I have a great interest in alternative religions and spirituality. After studying and researching this for a long time I’m starting to see myself more and more as a practitioner of phenomenology, which means I have a great belief in the individual. It’s my firm belief that every individual should choose their own path instead of taking too much advice from parents, friends, doctors, bosses or whoever thinks they know what’s best for you. If you have any questions about phenomenology, scientology, love or money please contact me at The psychics at the online tarot reading hotline all have different training and this gives us the possibility to give you expert advice in lots of different areas. At we are all wise and curious by nature, we take pride in helping people to a better self-awareness and a happier life.

All the psychics at wish you a lovely day.

Author: B. Charles


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