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What Is a Divination?

What Is a Divination?

Here you will get an explanation of what a divination actually is and why you should use it. Also you get some rules from a fortune teller.

As a psychic, seer and a medium I often get the question “What is a divination?” I’ve studied and thought long and hard to find a good explanation and that is what I will try to give you here.

A divination is not something casual and people who don’t keep an open mind will have difficulties to comprehend that the world is a universe full of possibilities. The tools a psychic uses will give you the opportunity to see this and choose what’s right for you.

Most psychics use at least one tool to make divinations. The problem is that everyone makes them so complicated when they are in fact very easy. Pretty much any psychic could easily pick up any tool at all and with just a note be able to use it immediately. What I’m trying to say is that even if the tools are different, the mental process is always the same.

A divination doesn’t come from the devil. What a psychic really does is to “see” the path you’re currently on in a scientific way. What you do right now helps create this path.

As a psychic I’ve chosen tarot card readings as my tool and if I get the question how it all works I try to explain it like this.

Tarot card readings are a tool and nothing else. A divination is like a map that gives you spiritual guidance so you can make the right decisions in life. Tarot cards are just signs along this road. Neither mine nor your future is set in stone; it’s more like a soft piece of fabric that moves back and forth together with your specific choices.

When I conduct an online tarot reading I usually say that I can’t make a divination for more than 6 months ahead because there are too many possibilities between now and then. A divination through tarot reading will show you what probably will happen if you continue on the path you’re currently on. I won’t judge you in any way and I will give you spiritual guidance about the things you need right now. The answer might not always be what you wanted or what you thought it would be.

Author: J. Clark


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