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Wishingmoon: Be ready to wish.

Wishingmoon: Be ready to wish.

Wishingmoon: Be ready to wish.

Wishingmoon is a strange thing with an unbelievable psychic and mind-blowing history. It is a night when a complete moon appears in the sky. In simple words, the Full moon is called wishing moon and full moon night is called wishingmoon night or wish-moon night. Old peoples and great psychic readers believe that on a wish moon night any wish you make with all your heart comes true very soon. When a wish-moon appears in the sky and after the appearance, how much time it takes to come back again? Wish moon night or a full moon night comes once in five years. We all know that full moon comes or appears in the sky just after 15 to 20 days but, the wish-moon comes once after a 50 years nap.

Old and experienced peoples or the great psychic readers say that when the wish-moon appears in the sky, the moon looks little reddish. Before its appearance, the sky turns completely yellow in the evening. The strangest thing of that moment is that when wishing moon has to appear, early on that same day. When a wishingmoon day wish moon day starts the birds went silent on that morning, they make no sound. And this is how that day starts. At noon of that same day, cloud covers the sun for the next few hours. At night a cool breeze flows slowly with an amazing fragrance. That night automatically makes people tension free when they came out of their homes, under the open sky. On wish moon night people witness the maximum number of stars, either you are in a city or a village.

The visuals of that night make people completely forget that they have to make a wish. What kind of wishes people mostly make and do those wishes come true? Most of the peoples are greedy and this is the harsh truth of society. Greedy people make wishes to become rich soon and be the richest person living. Few people wish to have a healthy and long life. Few of them wishes good for everyone and there are very few peoples are left who thinks for the good for everyone without any kickbacks. And then few from left peoples wish to get their true love soon. And a wish-moon never denies their wishes because the moon is one the love symbols or moon is the only one who witnesses the true love. But, the greedy wish to be rich, powerful or to live long never come true because wish moon makes the wishes come true of those who think for others before themselves.

Old peoples and psychic readers, who have witnessed wish moon many times in their lives, believe that wish moon is a normal moon-like regular day. This is the belief or faith of people which makes a normal moon a wish-moon. Psychic readers say that we can turn a normal thing into a holy object just with our belief. What is true? Wish moon or a normal moon with the faith of people? Psychic readers and old people say that wish moon is a full moon with the psychic faith of people who believe that this moon does exist! But it is not true it is their belief or faith which says that wish moon actually in existence.


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