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Yes or no fortune teller

Yes or no fortune teller

What is yes or no fortune teller category? How they do they give future predictions?

What is yes or no fortune teller? We all know about Fortune Tellers, Tarot Card Readers, and Psychic Readers but what we do not know is how they get the information relevant to us only. We know that Fortune Teller gives us information about our future. Tarot Card Readers give our future information to us by reading tarot cards. Moreover, the psychic reader gives us the suggestion of improving the conditions of our lives by reading our stars. However, very few of us know that there is a category of Yes and No Fortune Tellers. Are you familiar with this category? This category is a little strange in itself. Anyone of this category responds in just yes or no only. Whenever you go to them to them, they will answer only in yes or no. The rest of the time, they talk normal way, but when it comes to telling your future, then they will answer you only in yes or no.

Very few people know about this category. Most of these group people live in secret places. Moreover, very few people know about them. Most local people consider them very strange and stay away from them. However, those who know them well, they know that this is very different and better than the rest of the Fortune Tellers. They do not want to live around us as they want peaceful environment. These groups tell you your future by seeing your palm like the rest of the fortune tellers and holding your hand. But the difference is that when you go to visit a Fortune Teller, he/she will explains to you about them if asked properly else they don’t share that information with anyone. These people do something like this in the prophecy. When you go to them, you just need to share minimal information with them, and then you can start asking them your queries.

After that, Yes or No Fortune teller closes his eyes and answers in yes or no. so you have to ask open ended questions to them. The cards they used often are divided into three basic groups – positive, negative, and neutral cards. The final prophecy will precisely define the percentage by which your answer is YES or NO. Try this when you want a clear answer. The Yes/No Oracle is fast as it consists in One single card but there are better times to do it. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and where you can keep still for a few minutes. The morning is most suitable as your energies aren’t disturbed by the outside world, yet. Take a fifteen-minute break when you come back from work, to get rid of the polluted energies of the day. A meditative time before hand could increase your perceptions and your intuition. Some yoga practice could free and peace your mind, as well. It’s up to you to find the best moment for you. Clear your mind, get centered and try to visualize the situation, before asking your question. Let go, surrender and accept the result, even if it doesn’t satisfy your expectations and wishes!


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