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Zeus Help Us

Zeus Help Us

Our body does things unintentionally. Here you will read about one of the more mysterious ones, some of which you even can foretell.

All creatures have a lot of unintentional actions. One of those is the sneeze. We can’t predict when we are about to sneeze and when we do it’s hard to stop. Because of this the sneeze has been used as an oracle. But I as a psychic, seer or medium could actually see it as a sign of something rather than a prediction.

From the time of ancient Greece to the Middle Ages the common belief was that a sneeze was an omen that could be used for prediction. Sneezing from the left was a sign of misfortune but if you sneezed from the right it was a positive sign. Sneezing early in the day was favorable to sneezing in the evening. All psychics like signs, at least I do. Maybe my future as a psychic would be clearer to me if I kept this in mind at all times but I find it hard since a sneeze often comes suddenly.

In Greece it was common to regard a sneeze as an exorcism, marking the release of an evil spirit from your body. This spirit could cause a lot of harm to people nearby so to prevent this problem the Greeks said “Zeus help us” whenever someone in your surrounding sneezed. As a psychic I’ve heard variations of this story. For example; when you sneeze your soul leaves your body and when someone says bless you, you have to say thank you in order for the soul to fly back. To me as a psychic this story seems cute but not necessarily true.

Sneezing has also brought out happy wishes from all over the world. It’scommon to call for good health or a god when someone sneezes. The germans say “gesundheit” which means health. In some English speaking countries you call for a god by saying “bless you”. In ancient Hawaii you said “Kihe a Mauliola“ which means sneeze and you’ll have a long life. In Sweden we say “prosit” which means hope it will help. Working with spiritual guidance and reading this makes me happy. To me this means we have always tried to help each other towards a better more positive life. Spiritual guidance existed even back in the days.

The links between sneezing and gods have been very common. Aristoteles once wrote that “we believe that sneezing is something divine”. To me divine can be angel readings, tarot readings or the spirits a psychic medium comes in contact with. It can also be one of the many gods and goddesses we find in all existing mythology.

It is said that it’s better to sneeze on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. If you sneeze in one of those days the new year is going to be successful. These days are also very suitable for angel reading or tarot readings.

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