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Molly has been blessed with her psychic gift since birth and has been giving readings for over 35 years. She is an honest and caring clairvoyant and straight to the point. When you have a psychic reading with Molly, she will aim to give you the answers you want, in a way you can understand and with the respect you deserve.


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€2.44 per minute plus any network extras. 18+ live entertainment service. Inveroak. Helpline 1890800201
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I have over 35 years psychic experience in all aspects of life but revolving around love especially. I am also interested in career, finances and past life regression. WIth the help of tarot readings, I look forward to helping guide you through the hardships of life. Let me use my fortune telling gift to put you on the path to self-discovery and interpersonal relationships. It is my goal, as an online fortune teller, to help you access information about your life, relationships and career issues in a way that is most meaningful to you. During tarot card readings, it is important for us to keep working together. As a clairvoyant, I enjoy helping my callers learn to live a life of emotional peace and harmony. Call me today for a spiritual reading that will uplift you and set your mind at ease.


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