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Our psychic Raymond is a highly sensitive psychic who will know intuitively which issues are most important to you. During fortune telling, he will tune in to your energy and help you find the answers you seek.


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€2.44 per minute plus any network extras. 18+ live entertainment service. Inveroak. Helpline 1890800201
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I was lucky to be born with a natural, strong psychic gift and I have spent many years deepening and developing this blessing. I have read for people from all walks of life, dealing with issues in all aspects of life. This has grown my psychic awareness and provided me with the skills and knowledge that will help me to help you during psychic readings. My aim as your spiritual clairvoyant, is to help you find your way to the life that makes sense. Whether it is questions about relationships, career or just dreams that you want to work through or understand, as your online fortune teller I want to find the answers with you. I will help you realise that you always have choices in life and as a psychic medium, help you gain control of your own happiness. Whenever you need a fortune teller, I'm waiting for your call.


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